Thermal Remediation is greenest, most effective treatment for bed bugs

Heat Treatments have proven to be the greenest, most effective way to kill bed bugs and Sprague now offers this innovative service throughout Washington and Oregon.

Bed bug problems in Seattle, Portland and throughout the Northwest have met their match with our thermal remediation service. Heat kills bed bug adults, nymphs and eggs in a single 6-8 hour treatment. Within 24 hours, rooms can be returned to normal use, bed bug free.

"I've done the heat treatments myself and the technology is impressive. It's what our community needs to get rid of bed bugs," said Alfie Treleven, President.

Heat Treatments are performed by certified service teams who use specially designed heaters, fans and digital temperature monitoring equipment to ensure temperatures are maintained at levels lethal to bed bugs. The treatment is confirmed a success when the room is cleared by our certified Bed Bug Canine.

To schedule Heat Treatment service, call (888) 522-2009.

More information can also be found here on our site by visiting the Heat Treatment page.