get rid of miller moths in co

Miller moths are infesting homes across Colorado, here are some tips from EnviroPest by Sprague Pest Solutions to help you control these pesky critters!

So you get home after the sunset and the light near the front door is on to guide you. But as you get closer you realize that the light and your doorway is infested with miller moths! You try to plan a way to get inside as quickly as possible without letting any moths in, but it seems that no matter how quickly you get the front door open to slide through, there are sure to be at least a few moths that get by.

Miller moths are the name given to any moth that is abundant in or around your home. In Colorado they typically begin their swarms in the early spring and can be a nuisance for homeowners anywhere from a few weeks to months. Since the miller moths are not likely to be leaving anytime soon, EnviroPest by Sprague Pest Solutions would like to offer Denver and Boulder, CO residents a few home remedies to help control the miller moths this year.

  • Make sure that all windows and doors have screens that fight securely and are free of any holes or tears.

  • If you are in for the night and are not expecting any company go ahead and turn off the outside lights so that you do not attract miller moths to your property.

  • Keep the lights inside your home dim at night to help control the amount of moths that will swarm to the outside of your home looking for a way inside.

  • If you are dining outside or making a lot of trips in and out of your home, try to limit the amount of the time the door is open as this is the easiest way for miller moths to flee inside.

  • Consider replacing some of your indoor and outdoor lights with a yellow light bulb that has been proven to be less attractive to miller moths.

  • When you do find moths inside your home it’s best to swat them or vacuum them up so they do not continue to be a major annoyance.

By following these miller moth prevention tips you should be able to control the masses of swarming moths on your property this year. Often times we just have to wait it out and know that as soon as they are done swarming the masses will subside. But as with any pest problem if you have any questions or concerns about miller moths near your Denver or Boulder home, please contact EnviroPest by Sprague Pest Solutions.