Bed Bugs Infest Businesses Throughout Salt Lake City

Bed bugs have been found in retail shops and even movie theaters.

Business owners in Salt Lake City should be on the lookout for bed bugs this summer. No longer is it just hotels and other businesses in the travel and hospitality industry that are finding bed bug infestations but businesses across many different industries as well. Movie theaters, retail environments and just about anywhere there are people, you can also find bed bugs. So, why is it that business owners need to be concerned? Here are a few of the ways that bed bugs can hurt your Salt Lake City business.

  • Bed bugs are not a sign of filth at all but this idea has still not reached the entire public, which means an infestation can send a negative image to the public. People still associate a bed bug infestation with a dirty environment, despite this being false. When word travels that there are bed bugs in your facility, there is likely to be a stigma of filth attached.

  • Along the same lines as sending a bad image to the public, a bed bug infestation can really tarnish your hard earned reputation as a business if you are deemed ‘that place with bed bugs’.

  • It can scare away customers and employees if bed bugs are found in the facility.

  • A bed bug infestation can result in costly litigation.

  • In the event of a major infestation, your business could face high costs to get rid of the bed bugs and prevent their return. Preventative bed bug treatments including K9 bed bug inspections are always going to save you money compared to full bed bug services.

Though they do not spread disease (they do bite), they are still bad news and are a major nuisance pest as they spread quickly in the places they infest. So before your business is negatively impacted from the result of a bed bug infestation, please contact Sprague Pest Solutions to learn more about our comprehensive bed bug control to not only get rid of bed bugs that exist now but to prevent future infestations.

In addition to providing bed bug treatments and other commercial pest control services in Salt Lake City, we also provide pest control for businesses in Portland, Seattle and throughout the Pacific Northwest and Intermountain regions. Call us today to learn more!