image of a hotel room

Ensure your summer getaway is bed bug free!

Don’t let bed bugs interfere with your travel plans this summer.  If you have a get-away planned, we have a few tips on how to  avoid run-ins with bed bugs while on vacation, what to do if you do encounter these biting insects and what you can do to prevent bringing these pests home.  

Before You Leave Home

Check the reviews of any hotels you are considering before you make your reservation.   Sites such as tripadvisor.com and bedbugregistry.com may help you rule out an accommodation that has received multiple postings about bed bug infestations.

Checking In

Always inspect a room for bed bugs before you unpack.  Bed bugs are often found in the creases of mattresses and other furniture, along the edges of carpets, behind baseboards and wall hangings.  Signs of activity include live bugs, dark fecal spots, and cast skins.  Report any activity to hotel management and request a new room, preferably as far as possible from the room with bed bug activity.

Do not use hotel drawers to hold your clothes. Instead work out of your suitcase and keep luggage on the racks provided, rather than on the floor or near the bed.  

When You Arrive Home

Although you are probably in a rush to get unpacked and settled, keep your luggage outside until you’ve fully inspected it for bed bugs.  Wash all clothing in the warmest temperature that the fabric will allow to kill any bed bugs that may have hitched a ride.  

To learn more about bed bugs, please review our bed bug information section. If you are a property owner or manager and are concerned that you may already have a bed bug infestation, Sprague can help.  We offer accurate K-9 bed bug inspections and effective bed bug treatments in Seattle, Portland and throughout the Pacific Northwest and Intermountain regions.  Please contact us by phone at (888) 522-2009 or by filling out our contact form.