Rat sniffing a jack-o-lantern on Halloween

Jack-o-lanterns make a great home and snack for hungry rats and mice

Seeing that Halloween is coming up, we thought we’d write a blog about all those frightening Halloween decorations you see on people’s front porches. From pumpkins and jack-o-lanterns, to strange-looking gourds, corn stalks, hay bales and scarecrows, people in Colorado really get into their Halloween decorations!

This is great in theory, as these decorations really get people into the Halloween spirit and set the mood for cool and crisp fall evenings and the onset of the winter months. Unfortunately, these decorations attract a lot of different kinds of pests (not just trick or treaters!), all looking for something to eat and maybe a nice warm shelter in the confines of your home for the winter. These pests include rats, mice and insects of all kinds.

Because a lot of Halloween decorations are natural items that can be eaten by both humans and animals, it’s only natural that rodents and insects might be attracted to them. A carved out pumpkin is a perfect snack for a bunch of hungry rodents and would also make a relatively comfortable nest, given the right conditions. And while these decorations sit on your front porch, they are practically an invitation for rodents and other pests to enter your home as well.

Although at Sprague Pest Solutions we don’t want to be a wet towel on your Halloween excitement, we recommend sticking to artificial Halloween decorations that are kept indoors. You can use banners, window stickers and plastic pumpkins, or if you do plan to decorate for Halloween with real pumpkins, haybales and cornstalks, keep them indoors so that they don’t invite any unwanted company.

If you have been the unfortunate soul who has lifted the lid of your jack-o-lantern and half a dozen mice have gone scurrying out, you know just how frightening Halloween can be! For rodent problems in and around your Colorado home, call EnviroPest by Sprague Pest Solutions today for effective pest and rodent control services.