bed bug on human skin

Bed bugs sure do get around. These pests are known for finding their way into commercial lodgings as well as many different modes of public transportation, including taxis, trains and airplanes. Bed bugs are also known for frequenting libraries, movie theaters and retail stores, so if you have bed bugs in your facility, it can be quite challenging to pinpoint how they arrived.

Unfortunately bed bugs don’t discriminate. They can be easily found in the nicest hotel on the block just the same as they can be found in the cheapest and dirtiest hotel in the area. No matter where you lay your head at night, you should always be aware of bed bugs.

Knowing how to identify bed bugs and the signs they leave behind is important in preventing picking up a bed bug infestation while traveling or while out and about. Here is what you need to know about bed bugs:

  1. Bed bugs are small (around 1/8 of an inch long) flat and oval; they are usually light brown, but they can be dark brown when they have a full belly.

  2. Bed bugs like to be near a bed, or any other place where they can feed on the blood of an unsuspecting sleeping person. They are nocturnal, so they typically come out at night.

  3. Bed bugs don’t always leave little red bug bites on the skin. Some people have a reaction to these bites while others do not.

  4. These pests typically leave dark brown or red splotches on bedding, furniture or in other areas where they hide directly after having a blood meal. These 'splotches' are bed bug fecal matter.

  5. Throughout their lifetime, bed bugs shed their skin several times as they grow. Shed bed bug skins are a sure sign that bed bugs may be present.

  6. In a heavily infested area, the smell of coriander or over-ripe raspberries can be detected.

  7. Dogs can be trained to detect these pests, so although they may be hiding inside walls or furniture, they can still be detected with the powerful olfactory sense that dogs possess.

Whether you own a business or own a home, bed bugs in your space can cause you massive amounts of stress. In your home they can cause anxiety and sleepless nights while in your business they can cause a bad reputation and lost revenue. There is absolutely NO do-it-yourself solution to a bed bug problem. If you have these pests, you MUST get professional pest control services!

At Sprague, we offer bed bug services for both the residential and commercial sectors. We can provide a bed bug inspection to identify the severity of your bed bug problem and then appropriate treatments to eliminate the pests. In many cases, the best options for control are bed bug heat treatments. This service will heat the infested area up to a temperature where all life stages of bed bugs are known to die, which will completely eliminate the problem. We can also offer convention treatments and mattress encasements for bed bug control.

If you are dealing with bed bugs or you would simply like to know that your home or business is bed bug free, please contact our professionals to set up a bed bug inspection. Don’t let bed bugs stress you out- contact the pros at Sprague to deal with these blood sucking pests!