Mice nesting inside a Colorado home

Rodents will look for shelter in your Colorado home

Every year many homes and businesses in Denver, Boulder and throughout the state are invaded by mice, rats and other rodents seeking relief from the colder weather. Although they may appear harmless, rodents are actually capable of inflicting serious structural damage to Colorado homes and house fires have been result of rodents chewing on electrical wires. In addition to the risk they pose to homes, rodents also threaten the people and pets that dwell within. Rodent infestations may lead to contaminated food and the transmission of diseases like Salmonella and Hantavirus.

We understand that rodents are a serious problem in Colorado and that is why we encourage homeowners to deter rodents and other winter invaders with these pest-proofing tips:

  • Seal cracks in foundations as well as other holes in and around the home

  • Trim trees and shrubs around your home’s exterior so that they don’t form a “bridge”

  • Install crushed rock around your foundation to create uneven terrain

  • Pick up newspapers, cardboard boxes and other items that may attract nesting rodents

  • Store holiday decorations, old clothing and belongings in heavy-duty containers that can withstand gnawing

  • Properly store people and pet food in sealed containers

If you’ve already noticed rodent droppings or other signs of rodent activity, we recommend contacting a professional to avoid a larger problem. For help in resolving rodent problems in Aurora, Denver and Boulder as well as surrounding areas, give us a call at 888-681-9440 or complete our contact form.