Produce Attracts Fruit Flies

Fruit flies are most attracted to produce, garbage and alcohol.

A serious threat to the foodservice and food processing industries are fruit fly infestations. These flies may be tiny and not seem like a big deal but fruit flies can lead to serious sanitation issues as well as have a negative impact on your company. Restaurants and food processing facilities are at a higher risk when it comes to fruit flies but any business facility could be at risk.

Fruit flies seek decaying materials, which leaves produce, alcohol, drains and garbage a main target. But among all of the foods that fruit flies infest, it is actually bananas and onions that attract them most. Why are they such a threat to your business? Fruit flies do not just eat food but also lay their eggs in it. If that is not bad enough, they carry many pathogens, which can spread illness.

As with many other pests, sanitation is the best way to control fruit flies and reduce the threat of an infestation. Here are a few tips from our experts in commercial pest control at Sprague Pest Solutions:

  • Do not let produce over ripen while sitting out in the open.

  • Cover all open food, or better year seal it in airtight containers.

  • Be sure all alcohol bottles are covered.

  • Take the trash out of the business each day and be sure that dumpsters are not right next to the facility.

  • Clean out sinks to prevent a build up of decaying matter.

  • Disinfect food surfaces before and after each use.

As mentioned before, just because fruit flies are tiny does not mean that they are not capable of causing a health hazard in your facility. Fruit flies are a serious sanitation concern, which is why our team of pest control professionals at Sprague Pest Solutions are here to control flies and get rid of the threats they cause. To learn more about fly control in Seattle, Salt Lake City, and Portland and throughout Sprague’s service area, please contact us today!