large wasp nest on a house in portland

Follow these simple prevention tips to help keep pests from ruining your summer!

Does it sometimes seem like you have a billboard or giant magnet stuck to the side of your facility attracting pests?  While pest problems in commercial environments are not uncommon and in fact are expected, they sometime leave owners and managers frustrated.  The truth is that even if you are being very cautious of the interior of your facility and taking all of the precautions to avoid pests, it may be the exterior that is inviting the pests inside. Exterior pest prevention is just as important as that of the interior. It is outside where the pests usually come from after all.

Here are a few exterior pest prevention tips for business in Salt Lake City, Seattle, and Portland from the experts in commercial pest control at Sprague Pest Solutions:

  1. Avoid heavy landscaping which provides a food source for pests

  2. Avoid water features such as fountains which pest birds will enjoy

  3. Cut back all bushes or shrubs so that they do not touch the side of the facility

  4. Remove debris such as decaying wood and sticks from the property so that termites or carpenter ants are not attracted to the area

  5. Have a professional pest sweeping service to prevent spider and stinging insects from nesting on the exterior of your facility

  6. Do not let trash accumulate near the outside of the facility

  7. Keep the doors and windows closed unless they have screens

By following these pest prevention tips the exterior of your facility will be much less inviting to pests such as birds, rodents, stinging insects, spiders, flies, and many more species. However, protecting your company’s image and reputation should also include partnering with a pest management firm who understands your industry and who has experience in treating insect and rodent infestations in commercial facilities.

Sprague Pest Solutions is trusted commercial pest control provider in Portland, Seattle and Salt Lake City, as well as throughout the Pacific Northwest and intermountain regions. Don’t let pests rob you of your reputation; contact us today!