Mouse Hiding In Colorado Home

With the winter weather here, mice are a going to be an increasing threat to homeowners in Denver, Boulder and throughout Colorado. That’s because they are seeking a place offering shelter, food and water while the outside temperatures are cold; this leaves your home a great place to stay. These rodents are pretty sneaky when it comes to finding ways into the home and places to build nests. So to help homeowners discover if there is a mouse (or several) in the house by determining where mice may be hiding, we wanted to share a list of the less common places that you are likely to find mouse nests and an accompanying infestation of mice.

  • In car engines or trunks

  • In dryer vents

  • Under the fridge in the drip pan

  • Behind the stove

  • In wall voids

  • In furniture 

  • In lawn or farm equipment

While most of these locations do not seem like a comfortable place for a home, for mice, they can be perfect. At night, mice will forage through the home to find food debris and water sources so that they can survive and grow their family. And then during the day while we are more active, mice can sneak away to their hiding place. Mice breed all year round and females can have over 50 offspring in a year which means a mouse infestation can get out of hand fast! And don’t forget, mice are a dangerous pest as they can spread harmful pathogens and cause damages to your home and belongings.

In order to protect your family and home from mice it is important to eliminate their access to the inside of the home. If they cannot get inside to begin with, then you will not have to go through the shock of finding a mouse nest in the laundry room or kitchen. The best way to avoid mice from entering the home is to seal off any cracks, holes or utility openings that you find. Caulking and protective screens are a great way to close off the home to these tiny rodents. Also, eliminate food and water sources throughout the home.

For homeowners living in Denver and Boulder, Colorado, if you are looking for more information on effective mouse control to get rid of mice and prevent them from coming back, please contact EnviroPest by Sprague Pest Solutions. Our Denver pest control pros work hard to protect you and your family from the threat of a mouse infestation.