ant infestation in a commercial setting

Ant infestations can strike any facility at any time. Is your business protected? If a population of ants moves onto your property, unless you are protected with consistent commercial pest control services, your facility will fall victim to these obnoxious pests. They crawl into your facility through cracks in the foundation and holes in the exterior. Once inside, ants forage for food and seek areas of moisture. They can be a problem in food processing facilities, hospitals, retail environments, warehouses and many other places. What can you do to protect your facility from an ant infestation? Here are some tips from the Portland pest control pros at Sprague.

  • Remove vegetation from directly around your facility. We recommend an 18” perimeter of crushed rock or gravel to help you avoid ant infestations.

  • Along with regular cleaning and sanitation efforts, make sure all machines and equipment are deep cleaned regularly.

  • Keep food items and other products up off the floor on pallets.

  • Remove food particles, crumbs and spills whenever they happen so as to not attract foraging ants.

Don’t attempt to get rid of ants on your own without professional assistance. Different ants require different control methods, so you should leave ant control in a commercial facility to the professionals.

Partner with a commercial ant control company that can address all of your ant concerns. Along with ants, they will focus on every type of pest that is a problem for your facility. A good commercial pest control partnership will make pest control slip easily into your day to day activities. Pest control pros will work with you to help you find ways to prevent pests and the environments that attract them.

If you have ants in your facility or you are looking to partner with a pest control professional in Portland, Seattle or Salt Lake City to help you prevent pest problems, look no further than Sprague Pest Solutions. Through the use of Integrated Pest Management solutions we offer pest prevention, brand protection and we can help you minimize your environmental footprint where your pest control services are concerned.

Contact us today to learn more about our commercial pest control solutions and to schedule your first appointment with our experienced professionals. With more than 85 years of experience in the pest control industry, we are the best choice in Portland, Seattle and Salt Lake City for commercial facilities.