As every business owner knows, a rodent sighting at a commercial facility can be detrimental to a well-run business.  Your reputation can quickly go from that of a clean and well-kept business, to run down and dirty.  In the Denver and Boulder metros, the main culprits are mice and rats.  Rodents multiply extremely quickly, so once established in an area they are difficult to get rid of.  Just a small rodent population can cause significant damage, including:

  • Destroying products – Chewing holes in clothing, books, and other goods.  This can cost your company significant money in repairs and wasted goods

  • Fire hazard – Chewed wires can cause significant fire hazards

  • Eaten food – At grocery stores, rodents often eat fresh produce and chew holes in boxed groceries

  • Food contamination – In restaurants, a rodent presence causes significant sanitation issues

For such small animals, rodents can also cause quite the mess.  Droppings will be left mainly near food sources, but can be strewn all over the place.  Nesting materials will be shredded, and nests can be found in many different places.  They will also carry food back to their nest, and will often drop samples along the way.

Food is often the biggest attraction for rodents.  The best way to prevent a rodent infestation is to remove possible food sources.  Store food in airtight containers of either glass or plastic and be sure to properly dispose of all scraps before leaving for the night.  Make sure that all trash cans have securely fastening lids. 

If you have a mouse or rat control problem, call Sprague Pest Solutions.  EnviroPest by Sprague services commercial facilities in Denver and Boulder, Colorado.  Contact us today for your rodent control and professional exterminator needs.