CO Home After Spring Cleaning

Follow these spring cleaning tips to enjoy a pest free home this spring and summer.

With the forecast predicting warm, sunny days this coming weekend, it seemed like a great time to bring up spring-cleaning. In addition to getting rid of winter clutter and debris lying around, did you know that outdoor spring-cleaning projects are a great way to prevent future pest infestations? Since most pests venture in from the great outdoors (the exception being those who hitch rides such as bed bugs), you will find that paying close attention to the exterior of your property will actually reduce the threat of pest infestations inside your home. So while you are underway with projects like staining the deck and preparing the garden for the growing season, now is the time to implement a few spring pest prevention tips as well! Here are some suggestions from the Denver and Boulder pest control pros at EnviroPest by Sprague Pest Solutions:

Trim back tree branches, shrubs, and bushes - Any trees, shrubs or bushes that touch the side of the home or the roof are going to create a bridge that allows insects like ants for instance to walk right on over. This greatly increases the chance of an infestation considering even a tiny crack or hole can allow insects and some rodents access to the inside.

Seal off cracks and holes - To follow up on our first tip, next we suggest that you inspect the exterior of the home for any small cracks, holes, crevices or other openings that could allow pests a chance to get inside. Seal off these openings with caulk or a screen depending on the size and nature of the opening. A good rule of thumb, if the opening size is greater than or equal to the diameter of a dime, seal it! In some cases like chimneys and vents, a screen is necessary compared to a full seal.

Replace any broken window screens - If any of your window screens did not fare well over the winter season, now is the time to replace or repair them. As mentioned before, even tiny openings like a tear in the screen can increase the chance of pests getting inside of your home.

Apply crushed rock around the exterior of the home - For some homeowners, applying a barrier of crushed rock to the exterior perimeter of the home will help to deter pests from trying to get inside. The crushed rock creates an unfriendly barrier that many critters including mice will steer away from.

Remove sources of stagnant water - You may not see them yet but mosquitoes are sure to grace us with their presence before too long. Now is the time to find any items, landscaping elements or otherwise that would allow rainwater to collect. Clogged gutters, plant pots, and buckets as well as holes in the lawn, birdbaths and tree holes are a few examples of areas that could become breeding areas if left in a position that would catch water. You want to do everything possible to eliminate mosquito breeding grounds.

For more information on spring pest prevention tips in Colorado, please contact EnviroPest by Sprague Pest Solutions. Our home pest control in Denver, Boulder and throughout our Colorado service area is the ideal way to keep your property free ants, termites, mice and other pests that call Colorado home. Give us a shout today to learn more!