Retail Stores Can Have Bed Bugs

Bed bugs and retail do not go well together.

Bed bugs have been a hot topic in the retail industry for awhile now. There are stories in the news of these pests being found in popular clothing stores as well as lingerie stores, but these bugs are being found in all types of retail stores throughout the country and in Portland, OR. Bed bugs are known for their ability to infiltrate almost any building, both commercial and residential, but what can you do as a retail store manager or owner if these bugs find your location? What can you do to keep them from arriving in the first place? Here are a few tips from Sprague’s Portland bed bug control department regarding keeping bed bugs out of your retail store. 

  • Make sure your staff is educated on bed bugs.  Each and every staff member at your store should know the signs of bed bugs and what to look for regarding these parasites.  They should know the highest risk areas where bed bugs can be found, as well as have basic knowledge of bed bug habits and biology.  They should know ways to minimize the introduction of these pests into the store and have ways to keep them from spreading throughout the store if an infestation is located.  They should also be aware of how easy it is to bring bed bugs to work with them, if they have an infestation at home.

  • You should develop a plan of action regarding bed bugs. This can help each member of your staff know exactly what to do when responding to a bed bug incident.  This should help keep the problem from getting out of hand and becoming a story on the front page of the local newspaper, generating the worst kind of publicity.

  • You should choose a pest control company that specializes in bed bug control in commercial environments to contract in the eventuality of a bed bug incident.  Having an already established partnership with a pest control company will minimize the time it takes between identifying a bed bug problem and having that problem remedied, saving you time and keeping your business from having to shut its doors for a period while you wait for pest control services to arrive or treatments to be performed.

  • If you should find a bed bug problem in your store, don’t overreact. There is typically no need to completely remove all the merchandise from the store because only one or two of these bugs were identified.  In a retail environment, a bed bug infestation is usually not an actual infestation; the populations of these pests tend to be quite low, because there aren’t people there constantly to feed upon. If you have bed bugs in your store, there’s a very good chance they have recently been introduced, so the control procedures necessary are less intensive than they may be in a hotel room or inside a residential home.

  • Don’t let your staff over-react either! Employees will be worried about bringing the bed bugs home with them, but they should not be allowed to apply insecticides or other chemicals inside your store; this is a task that should be left to the professionals.  Applying the appropriate control chemicals takes training and should only be done by a professional to maximize its efficiency as well as to protect the health of both employees and customers.

  • To be pro-active against bed bug infestations, bed bug dog inspections are an effective tool. Many pest control companies have dogs on their staff that are trained to detect live bed bugs and their eggs and inspections by these canines can be performed quickly and are significantly more accurate than bed bug inspections performed by even the most experienced technician.  Periodic inspections performed by trained bug bug canines can help you catch a bed bug problem in your store before it gets out of control and gets you on the front page of tomorrow’s paper. 

At Sprague, we offer a comprehensive bed bug control services in Portland that combines manual and canine inspections, staff training and an aggressive service strategy if bed bugs should become evident inside your store or facility.  This program will protect your brand and demonstrate your dedication to mitigate the risks that are associated with these blood sucking parasites. For more information on Sprague’s commercial bed bug services including bed bug heat treatments in Portland, give us a call today.