Simply catching grown flies isn't enough - you have to stop them at their source.

Merely catching the adult flies as they buzz around and bother your diners won’t fix an infestation – fly larvae are most likely already growing in a food source somewhere close by.

Preventing flies from breeding is crucial to maintaining a fly-free environment for your patrons. Unfortunately, all flies are unique and their breeding habits can vary widely. In general, though, small flies breed indoors while the large flies tend to breed outdoors. All flies breed in their preferred food source.

Keeping your establishment completely free of breeding sources is harder than you think: a teaspoon of the appropriate food can produce dozens of small flies. To make things even more difficult, most fly infestations result from multiple small sources rather than one main source.

The bottom line? Make sure your pest solution company can identify the different types of flies and adjust treatment to the behavior of each species.

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