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Follow these easy tips to help avoid problems with cockroaches.

A common offender to business facilities are cockroaches. These pests are not only unsanitary but can quickly destroy a well-built business image and reputation. Even if you are doing as much as possible to ward off pests from getting into your facility, sometimes they find a way to sneak in. That is why both preventative measures and regular pest control services are necessary to make sure that your facility remains cockroach free.

Sprague Pest Solutions would like to share steps that businesses can take to steer clear of filthy cockroaches. But first, here are the reasons why you need to avoid any encounters with cockroaches:

  • Contamination of food surfaces

  • Collect and spread bacteria around the facility

  • Cause allergies and asthma especially for children

  • Their dead bodies and waste cause illness

  • Result in a poor business reputation when spotted

  • Drive customers away

For these reasons and more it is vital that your business remains cockroach free. And to help with that, here are the best practices that business owners, including employees should take on in order to keep the roaches far away from causing problems in your business.

  1. Be sure the exterior of the facility is properly sealed with no small holes, cracks, or crevices.

  2. Keep windows and doors closed unless they are secured with a screen.

  3. Take trash out regularly

  4. Do not pile trash, cardboard boxes or other materials inside or outside of the facility including by loading docks and dumpsters.

  5. Always disinfect food surfaces before and after use to prevent the spread of bacteria.

  6. Keep all food prep areas with free of crumbs or spills.

  7. Always store open food in containers with tight fitting lids.

Remember that preventative measures alone are not always enough to keep the roaches away. That is why it is important for businesses in Salt Lake City, Seattle, Portland, and throughout the Pacific Northwest, and Intermountain regions to maintain regular pest control service. Sprague Pest Solutions offers great insect control for facilities to ensure the safety and well-kept image of the business. Simply contact us today to learn more about our comprehensive pest management program.