Bed Bugs In Boise Hotel

Boise bed bug control is easy thanks to the technology of bed bug heat treatments.

The fastest and most effective way to get rid of bed bugs in Boise today is with heat or more specifically bed bug heat treatments from Sprague Pest Solutions. The idea is simple but it proves to be most efficient in returning a bed bug infested room back to normal, quickly. Bed bug heat treatments are ideal for places with multiple rooms that can easily experience a severe bed bug infestation such as:

  • Apartments

  • Condos

  • Dorms

  • Hotels

  • Assisted

  • Living

  • Offices

  • Shelters

Our trained technicians will place specialized heaters and fans in the infested area and then allow clean, dry and odorless heat to flow through the room until it is heated to a temperature of 120 degrees which will kill off bed bugs in all life stages - eggs, nymphs and adults. We use special devices to monitor the heat flow for the 6-8 hour duration of the treatment to ensure that the process will be effective and safe. Within 24 hours the room will go from bed bug infested to bed bug free!

Another benefit of bed bug heat treatments in addition to high effectiveness is that they are a green pest control option. Heat treatments are non-chemical and non-toxic so both the environment and your employees, customers and guests will be better off. In some cases natural and organic dusts are applied as an added measure to help keep these unwanted blood sucking pests away.

Bed bug heat treatments are ideal for businesses in Boise who need fast and discreet services. Thanks to the treatment time only being 6-8 hours and the lack of any chemical residue, a bed bug heat treatment will be just the ticket so that you can get your businesses back up and running in no time at all.

At Sprague Pest Solutions we understand just how detrimental bed bugs can be to your business. So to help avoid the negative effect on your image and reputation, the Boise bed bug control team at Sprague is ready to help eradicate bed bugs in your business, including the prevention of infestations. To learn more, simply contact us today!