What Bed Bugs Look Like

Don't let bed bugs rob your business' hard earned reputation.

The month of April is all about pests! No, seriously. In fact the National Pest Management Association has deemed April National Pest Management Month. And as a part of this month’s pest awareness drive, the week of April 22-26 has become designated Bed Bug Awareness Week. Since bed bugs are still very much a threat to businesses in Seattle and across the Pacific Northwest and Intermountain regions and the entire country for that matter, it is important that during this month and in particular this week, that we acknowledge the threat bed bugs pose, the fallout from an infestation and how to get rid of bed bugs. If your business does not already has a strict bed bug control program in place, now is the time to learn how a commercial bed bug control program can help you prevent the negative impact of a bed bug infestation.

While bed bugs are not a sign of filth or unsanitary conditions, they are sure to raise some speculation. Many people associate bed bugs with cheap or dirty accommodations, which can really harm your business' hard earned image and reputation. Some businesses even have to deal with costly litigation as a result of an infestation. And it’s not just hotels that have been bit by the bed bug; apartment complexes, universities and dormitories, office buildings, airports, and public transportation companies among other commercial environments are all finding these parasitic insects. Even public libraries and movie theaters are not exempt!

To help prevent bed bugs from infesting and spreading through your business, it is important to take a proactive approach by signing up for a comprehensive bed bug control in Seattle that includes routine, proactive inspections to make sure that bed bugs are not present. Click here to learn about Sprague's team of bed bug detecting canines. In addition, bed bug training is essential for management and staff. Knowing what bed bugs look like and how to detect the signs of a bed bug problem will aid in early detection and treatment as well.

To learn more about bed bug control in Seattle, Salt Lake City, Portland or throughout our Pacific Northwest and Intermountain region service area, please contact Sprague Pest Solutions today!