Let Sprague Pest Solutions Protect Your Business From Flies

The strong aromas that often come from bakeries and other businesses in the food industry not only attract customers, those wonderful smells appeal to annoying flies as well.  Regardless of their small size, flies are a big problem for the food service industry in Seattle, Portland and throughout Washington, Oregon and the Pacific Northwest and Intermountain regions.   Sprague Pest Solutions realizes the threat this pest poses to companies and that is why we offer our effective commercial fly control program.

Why Worry About Flies?

In any facility that prepares and/or serves food, the conditions are ideal for a fly infestation due to the unlimited availability of food and moisture.  In environments such as restaurants, hospital kitchens, food manufacturing plants and school cafeterias, flies not only annoy customers, employees and students; they are a sanitation issue and pose serious health risks.   Flies are known carriers of several diseases including malaria, typhoid and cholera.   They pick up these pathogens on their feet when they feed on decaying organic waste and then when they land, they transfer those pathogens from their feet to the food and food prep areas of many food service and manufacturing facilities.

Protect Your Brand

Flies have the ability to seriously damage your company’s image, contaminate product, threaten the health of your employees and customers, and may deter from the success of your brand.  Sprague understands that no business or industry, especially ones working with food, is immune to the negative effects of flies, which is why we will diligently work with business owners, managers and staff to make sure our commercial fly control program meets your company’s specific needs.  We use an Integrated pest management approach along with a combination of strategies for a successful long term fly solution.

At Sprague Pest Solutions we take great pride in achieving and maintaining pest free conditions for our clients and offer our commercial pest control for flies and other insects in Portland, Seattle and Boise as well as to businesses throughout Oregon, Washington, Utah, Idaho, and Montana.  Partner with Sprague today to protect your brand from flies, bed bugs and other pests.  For more information, please contact us.