commercial insect light traps

Protect your facilities from pests with insect light traps from Sprague Pest Solutions!

It is spring and the flying insects are back at it! As the weather heats up in Portland, Seattle and throughout the Pacific Northwest and Intermountain regions, you may notice a major increase in the number of flying insects buzzing around town. For those businesses who utilize insect light traps (ILT) to control flies in their facilities, the pest control professionals at Sprague advise changing the bulbs this spring before high insect activity begins.  

Insect light traps are a highly effective way to catch flies and other annoying winged insects before they become a major problem to your business. We have found that flies are very attracted to specific UV light wavelengths. Insect light traps are designed to emit that specific energy of fluorescent light to attract the flies and then kill them. But is found is that over time, the energy frequency of the fluorescent lights decreases and the flying insects become less attracted to the light.

After just 16 short weeks the effectiveness of the ILT lamps goes way down however the bulbs will remain effective for about a year. It is recommended that each spring when the masses of flying insects return, that the bulbs are replaced in your insect light traps in order for them to remain effective.

For facilities who are interested in replacing their ILT lamps or who do not yet have the protection against flying insects, contact Sprague Pest Solutions today to schedule an assessment of your facility or to learn more about our commercial pest control services.