The dumpster on the left is covered and clean; the dumpster on the right is open and exposed.

Top garbage area maintenance tips for commercial property owners

Improperly maintained dumpsters and disposal areas are breeding grounds for flies, rodents, cockroaches and more.

According to Pest Prevention Specialist Joe Escobar, maintaining your garbage area can prevent pest activity in your commercial property.

1)      Keep it covered. An open dumpster is an open invitation to pests. Moreover, birds can invade open dumpsters and scatter trash around your entire property.

2)      Dump it frequently. Smelly trash is a magnet for hungry pests.

3)      Use a garbage enclosure and pressure wash it regularly. Garbage enclosures, when kept tidy, contain the attractants; pressure washing wipes away the leaks and grease that inevitably leak out.

The most important tip of all? Spread the word. “The best thing property owners can do is communicate with their tenants,” explains Escobar. “These techniques are most effective if everyone who uses the area implements them.” Clean garbage enclosures are practically invisible to prowling pests.

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