termite awareness week

Termite Awareness Week is here! What is Termite Awareness Week, you might be asking. The National Pest Management Association has named March 16th through March 22nd as the annual week to promote public awareness of termites and the damage they can cause. To go along with this theme, the termite control pros at Sprague would like to remind you about some of the most common signs of termites you should look for in your facility. When you know what termite signs to look for, you can avoid costly repair bills from termite damages that have gone undetected.

Termites are wood destroying insects. They first build their colonies outside under the ground. When they leave their nests to search for food, they look to wood that has had previous water or weather damage. If this wood is inside your facility, it can quickly become overrun with hungry termites. The termites tunnel into the wood in your structure and will begin eating the wood and hollowing it out from the inside. While doing this, they leave a few signs behind. These signs include:

  1. Mud tunnels along walls. They build mud tunnels to allow them to get to and from their colony in protection. If they are infesting your facility, you may see these mud tunnels along the foundation and along walls.

  2. Wood that appears to have water or weather damage. Although previously damaged wood is easier for termites to penetrate, their presence can also give the wood in your structure a weathered look. Do not assume that wood that looks old is only weathered; look for other signs of termites to help you to make proper termite identification.

  3. Tiny piles of sawdust near the wood. Even though termites typically manage to keep all their damage to inside the wood, sometimes the voracious eaters manage to break through the exterior of a wooden beam. When they do, they leave sawdust around the exterior and then attempt to patch up their hole with mud. Seeing wood that has mud in it or wood with sawdust nearby are definite signs of termites.

  4. Shed termite swarmer wings. These wings are often noticed in areas where a termite swarm has taken place. Termite swarms can happen both indoors and outdoors and when it is over, the termites drop their wings and crawl away. A collection of little insect wings can be a definite sign that a swarm of insects has taken place and a termite inspection should be ordered.

Commercial managers and owners should be aware that any one of these signs of termites requires action to be taken. Calling in a termite control specialist to inspect for termites is the only way you will know for sure if termites are visiting your property. The pros at Sprague offer thorough termite inspection services to help you identify the problem and arrive at a solution. Our termite control services are effective and long lasting. We will help you get rid of colonies that may be present as well as future termite colonies that may arrive on your property.

For more information on termite control in Portland, Salt Lake City, Seattle and throughout our service area, please contact Sprague today.