the trogloraptor, a new spider species found in oregon

The trogloraptor is a spider species with elongated claws found in an Oregon cave

Just when we thought we had all spiders accounted for, a new eight legged critter is found. In the caves of Oregon there has been a discovery of a new species of spider but with its own genus and family. The Trogloraptor is a spider similar to the size of a typical garden spider but has exceptionally elongated claws. Found deep in dark caves, this is not your average house spider.

Scientists first discovered the Trogloraptor in 2010 in a cave in southwestern Oregon. Ever since, this particular species has been collected and studied in order to learn more about its existence. The Trogloraptor can stretch out to a maximum of 3 inches long with its leg span but are most known for their long, hook like claws.

It is believed that these spiders dangle down on a thread of silk web and then when prey touches their feet, they might quickly close their legs to snatch the prey. It makes sense for them living in a dark cave that they would have to use their sense of touch over sight in order to catch food. And while this all may seem dark and scary, these spiders are actually very shy and unaggressive around humans.

Trogloraptors do have venomous glands like most spider species but they are not considered harmful to humans in any way. So if you have plans for any cave explorations in Oregon or elsewhere in the Pacific Northwest and Intermountain region, you just may want to watch your head for dangling spiders!

As this particular species is captivated and researched by scientists, there will be more information regarding their habits and also how abundant and widespread the Trogloraptor really is. As with all spiders, they are not a critter that you want living inside of your business or home. For more information on spiders and spider control for your business in Portland, Seattle, or Salt Lake City, please contact Sprague Pest Solutions today!