Understanding Bed Bugs: Essentials for Property and Facility Managers

On Friday, April 30th, Larry Treleven of Sprague Pest Solutions helped facilitate a National Pest Management Association Workshop in Seattle, Washington. This workshop helped people from the multi-family housing and hotel industries better understand bed bugs and their behavior. Seattle is one of 16 locations that the NPMA is doing across the country.

The event was attended by over 70 representatives. Salli Lawrence gleefully remarks, "they all came to learn more than they ever wanted to know about reacting to and controlling bed bugs." Other topics included legal issues involving tenants and more specific behavior to the pest. Salli continued, "Larry was brave enough to allow the first speaker to use him to demonstrate bed bug mating habits." Now that is something we wish we had on camera. 

Thank you Larry for your brave and honest approach to teaching the association. We look forward to having the NPMA in our backyard anytime.