Odorous House Ants In Denver Home

The tiny black or brown ants in your home or business could be odorous house ants.

Ants are a common spring pest for businesses and homes in the Pacific Northwest and Intermountain region including Seattle and Portland as well as in Denver, CO. These tiny, but very annoying pests are not easy to control. Of the thousands of different species of ants, odorous house ants are one of the more commonly found ants to forage through businesses and homes. And while they are not a serious threat to your health and safety, they are certainly not a pest you want around.

You can identify odorous house ants because they are the tiny black or brown ants that when crushed, give off a rotten, coconut-like odor. They range in size but are only usually 1/16 of an inch to 1/8 of an inch long. As mentioned before, odorous house ants are not a serious threat to anyone’s health or safety but since one of their main objectives is to find food, they can leave food in both business facilities and home’s contaminated.

Often times odorous house ants form their colonies in soil but if they find their way inside, they may establish a colony in wall cracks, making the problem that much closer to you, your family, your employees, or customers. Since ants in general are a very social insect, they tend to live in  large colonies. We’re talking thousands! So unfortunately, the ants that you are seeing foraging around are just the tip of the iceberg compared to the entire colony.

What are odorous house ants after? Food. Worker ants have a big job to ensure that the entire colony has food for survival. This means there are ants constantly foraging around outside of the colony on a search for food. So for both businesses and homes, the kitchen (or any room with food) is going to be the main target for ants. They even leave scented trails so that the other ants can follow the path to the source of food.

While it may seem a little impossible to control thousands and thousands of tiny little insects marching around the region, at Sprague Pest Solutions we offer comprehensive pest control programs designed specifically for your business or your home. When it comes to an ant infestation, our exterminators start with a thorough inspection of the premise to identify where the ant colony is and based on their findings, develop a solution that will gets rid of ants foraging on your property.

If ants have found their way into your business this spring, please contact Sprague Pest Solutions to learn about our commercial pest control options. In addition, we provide home pest control in Denver, Boise as well as elsewhere in our residential service area. We are happy to help you maintain an ant free property this spring and throughout the entire year!