Follow us on Portland's KATU News as we help rid a Veteran's home of Bed Bugs

This severe bed bug infestation had gone on for years but our Portland service center team stepped in to help with KATU News in Portland, OR. With donations and volunteers from the community, the Hoven family are finally receiving the support they need to start anew.

See the series of stories on KATU News:

Thousands of Bed Bugs Infest Couple's Home for Years

Day 1 'Operation: Bed Bug Rescue' kicks off

Day 2 'Operation: Bed Bug Rescue' - Clean Out

Day 3 'Operation: Bed Bug Rescue' - Heat Treatment

We're also proud to be working with the volunteers!

  • Lacey's House

  • Safe Haven Remodeling

  • Allstar Recovery

  • Washer & dryer: Hutchins

  • Limo: JMI Limousine

  • Mattresses: Mattress Mega Store

  • Groceries & clothes: Walmart

  • Hotel & meals: Shilo Inn

  • Vet visit: Barbur Blvd Veterinary/Dr. Janet Ewing

  • Furnace: Rose City Heating & Air

  • Van detailing: Carr Chevrolet

  • Lighting: A-Boy

  • Window: MS Glass