nest of mice in a denver co home

Mice are one of the most common fall and winter pests in Denver

The thought of snow can be really exciting when it means skiing in the Colorado mountains, sipping hot cocoa, and nights by the fireplace. But we wanted to remind homeowners in Denver, Boulder and throughout the Rocky Mountain state that although you may assume your pest worries go away as the first flakes fall, this is not the case! In fact, many pests including stinging insects, box elder bugs, lady bugs and cluster flies are eager to move in with you this fall so that they can spend the winter inside of your warm home.

It’s easy to forget about the overwintering pests because there is so much focus on the more active pests like rodents and wildlife. So while you may be concerned with hearing the sound of mice running through the walls, don’t forget about the possible congregation of flies and other insects lurking in the attic or near the windows.

Most of the pests that overwinter in homes are simply searching for a warm shelter to hibernate which means they are not going to harm or threaten you. The biggest problem with the overwintering pests like box elder bugs, lady bugs and cluster flies is that they congregate in such large numbers, they are very tricky to remove.

A tip that usually gives overwintering pests away is on a mild winter day when some wake up and move toward the warmth including near windows and doors. If you do happen to spot a few about, this could be the sign of a much greater group of pests nesting in the wall voids, attics, or other warm and hidden locations.

In order to prevent the onset of pests as the weather begins to cool down, you should make sure to properly pest proof your home. Pest proofing includes sealing off any cracks or holes that insects could use to get inside around the foundation, windows and doors. In order to keep pests from becoming a problem, you should also continue with your year round pest control services.

EnviroPest By Sprague Pest Solutions is ready to assist you in controlling the pests that are likely to head indoors this Fall as well as protect your home from other invading insects and rodents all year round. Our home pest control in Denver, Boulder and throughout our Colorado pest control service area is ideal to ensure that your home is not going to host unwanted guests this winter as well as throughout the entire year. To learn more about overwintering pests and how we can help protect your home, please contact us today!