large group of boxelder bugs in portland or

Box elder bugs are common overwintering pests throughout the Pacific Northeast

With the temperatures beginning to decline through most of the country including the Pacific Northwest and Intermountain regions, it is time to talk about overwintering pests. Although it is just now fall, the reality is that some pests may already be on a search for a warm place to spend the their time this winter. If your establishment provides the right environment, you very well could be hosting some unwanted guests.

Box elder bugs are a common invader this time of the year as they congregate in large numbers to find a warm sheltered space to spend the winter months. Since they are small insects, it only takes a small crack or hole, or accidentally opened door to allow for box elder bugs to make their way inside. Although they do not cause any harm or damage, this pest sure is a nuisance and many business owners cannot get rid of box elder bugs without professional pest control services.

Another common fall invader is the cluster fly, or should we say cluster flies. These critters can buzz inside anytime now with the cooler weather and then spend the entire winter enjoying a slumber somewhere in your facility. Unlike the routine of many flies searching for food, cluster flies are only likely to show their faces on warm winter days in which they are seen buzzing around a window in a confused state wondering if it’s spring.

Lady bugs are another problem for many businesses in Seattle, Portland, and Boise. Although they exhibit some pretty cool markings with red, black and spots, do not be fooled because lady bugs are still a pest. And just like box elder bugs, lady bug control is no easy task as they tend congregate in large numbers when they overwinter.

So while these overwintering pests may not be looking to cause damage and destruction like a lot of other pests, they are still a problem for businesses. Guests and customers look at bugs in a building as a sign of filth or an indication of sanitation issues so even if they are causing no harm, overwintering pests must go. The best way to ensure that they are not an issue for your business this fall and winter is to maintain your regular commercial pest control services.

At Sprague Pest Solutions we offer businesses across many industries safe and effective solutions to all of their pest control needs. So you will not just be protected from the occasional invaders but also from the serious pest threats like bed bugs, rodents and pest birds. To learn more about how your business can stay pest free this winter, be sure to contact Sprague Pest Solutions.