image of a pigeon for sprague pest solutions

The common pigeon; also known as squab, pouter, turbit, roller and fantail.

If you have a commercial building, chances are you’ve seen a flock of birds hanging around, looking for food and being a nuisance. Most often, the culprit is the common pigeon, also known as squab, pouter, turbit, roller and fantail. The birds have chunky bodies, short necks and are quite the opportunists, coming together in cities and large towns to roost on buildings and create their own territories.

These birds can be a problem for commercial property owners for several reasons:

  • Bird feces can cause diseases in humans. Often the feces contain spores that when released into the air, can cause serious illness and sometimes even fatal diseases.

  • Pest birds carry disease causing parasites like fleas and ticks, which can be dangerous for humans.

  • Bird feces, while still wet or when there are copious amounts of it, can cause people to slip and fall, which can be a danger for both your customers and your employees.

  • Some building materials are known to degrade when the uric acid that is in bird feces penetrates them. This can quite literally destroy your building’s structural integrity.

  • Having flocks of birds milling around your building is both unsightly and annoying, especially when the birds start to crowd sidewalks and roofs.

Pest bird problems are difficult to get rid of, so it is best to prevent it before it happens. Prevention starts with contacting the professionals at Sprague Pest Solutions for ways you can make your site less attractive to pest birds like pigeons. Some pest bird prevention tips include:

  • Make your site less attractive to birds by eliminating food, water and shelter that may be attracting them.

  • Keep doors closed in areas where birds may be loafing or feeding.

  • Don’t allow nesting on your structure in the first place, as subsequent generations of birds will begin to feel like the structure belongs to them and they will be committed to your site, making them very difficult to relocate.

If you would like more information on bird control and what you can do to eliminate pest bird activity on your commercial building, including the use of netting, landing deterrents or even live trapping, contact the professionals at Sprague Pest Solutions today. We can help you with current infestations or help you devise a proactive effort to make sure pest birds don’t ever call your commercial building ‘home’.