spring pests in seattle

Insects love the warm weather as much as we do, but don't let they drive away your customers! Follow these simple pest prevention tips to help keep your commercial facility pest free this year!

You may have already noticed an increase in pests due to the mild winter and early start to the spring. As the weather continues to warms up, we can expect pest activity to increase and for many businesses and commercial facilities in Portland, Seattle and the Pacific Northwest and Intermountain regions, warm weather pests can mean trouble for your business.

Some of the common offenders that have been reported to disturb commercial facilities in the area this spring are:

yellow jackets




Each of these pests holds the potential to destroy your business image, reputation, turn customers away, and even leave employees and customers ill. Rats and flies are known to carry diseases and bacteria, which they spread quickly through contact, urine, and feces. Especially in the food service industry it is vital to avoid the spread of harmful pathogens so that employees and customers do not leave ill. Stinging insects, such as yellow jackets can cause serious allergic reactions to some people who get stung and once they have nested near your facility they will become a major nuisance pest. Ants are another major nuisance pest and carpenter ants in particular are capable of causing extensive structural damage if they get into wood and carve galleries to nest in.

In order to avoid the troubles that the warm weather pests are bringing this spring, here are a few pest prevention tips from the experts in commercial pest control at Sprague Pest Solutions:

  • make sure all windows and doors are secured with screens

  • take trash out regularly and keep in bins with secure lids

  • sanitize food surfaces before and after each use

  • keep trash bins away from windows and doors

  • always continue your routine pest control services to avoid infestations

Contact Sprague Pest Solutions at the first sign of warm weather pests. To avoid major issues in your business including illness, damage, and a ruined reputation, it is important to stay ahead of the game when it comes to pest control. Sprague services commercial facilities in Seattle, Portland, Salt Lake City, as well as other service areas.