Organic Food Processing And Pest Control

Keep your facility pest free, naturally.

When it comes to choosing commercial pest control for food processing facilities, you must choose wisely, especially when you are processing organic food. Organically-certified food processing facilities must be very careful when attempting to get rid of pests, but the professionals at Sprague Pest Solutions can offer BrandSmart Pest Prevention, which by definition is ideal for organic food manufacturing facilities. What can we do for your organic food processing facility? Here are just a few of the great ways the green pest control pros at Sprague can eliminate pests safely in your facility.

In our standard program, we use five basic types of organic pest control methods. These include:

Sanitation. By practicing good sanitation, you can control existing infestations. Sanitation efforts can also make baits and traps more effective and allow organic control materials to be more effective.

Mechanical control techniques. Through the use of traps, barriers, screens and vacuuming we can control pests. Using air currents and manipulating environmental factors can also be helpful in getting pest populations under control in organic processing facilities.

Cultural control techniques. This involves changing the habits and behaviors of the people in your facilities to reduce infestations. This can include changing cleaning schedules, removing garbage more often, training employees to clean up spills immediately and preventing the accumulation of products in your facility.

Biological control techniques. This involves using biological organisms and their byproducts as pest control. This can include the use of beneficial bacteria as well as parasitic wasps for fly control or fungi for control of cockroaches.

Chemical control techniques. This is the correct and safe use of pesticides. This can be part of an effective organic pest control program and by following a strict plan in partnership with your personnel and certifying agency to make sure the pest control materials we choose remain in compliance with the USDA’s National Organics Program.

Through a combination of these solutions we can help get current pest problems in your facility under control while preventing future pest problems from occurring. If you have been looking for a pest control partnership in Denver, Portland and throughout the surrounding regions, please contact Sprague Pest Solutions today. We would be happy to discuss our Integrated Pest Management solutions with you and design a plan that will suit your facility while it addresses all your pest control concerns. Contact the Seattle pest control pros today!