LEED Certified Buildings And Pest Management

Learn more about Sprague's IPP approach to pest management for LEED certified buildings.

Traditional means of pest management involved a more reactive approach in which pest infestations were treated with chemicals once they became a problem for the business. Today, we have moved into an era where people are very conscious of the use of chemicals due to their impact on the environment and people’s health, so pest control companies are looking for ways to eradicate pests without the use of chemicals. For LEED® certified buildings, Sprague Pest Solutions offers a pest management program that is focused on an Integrated Pest Prevention (IPP) approach, which is proactive to prevent pests and thus the necessity for widespread use of pesticides.

Just as LEED® certified buildings are designed to reduce waste and promote a healthier environment, so are IPP and green pest control practices. The focus of IPP and green pest control is being environmentally sensitive by reducing the need for pesticides. The relationship grows stronger between the pest professionals at Sprague and clients in that we both work together to achieve a pest free building. Here are some highlights to our green pest control program for businesses in Seattle, Portland, Denver and Salt Lake City:

  • Offering the client pest prevention strategies that will keep the building safer, healthier and of course pest free.

  • Proactive actions to solve pest problems in a green and environmentally friendly way.

  • Working toward long-term, sustainable pest management rather than a quick fix.

  • Continuously exploring and implementing alternatives, new technologies and advancements that will reduce and in some cases eliminate the need for pesticides to create a more sustainable pest management practice for years to come.

If you own or operate a LEED® certified business in Boise, or throughout our Pacific Northwest and Intermountain region service area, make sure that you contact Sprague today to learn more about our green pest control practices to get rid of bed bugs, cockroaches, flies, mice and many other pests. We understand that when it comes to maintaining LEED® certifications, every credit counts, which is why we have a pest management program designed specifically for your LEED® certified building.