Twas’ the night before Christmas and all through the food distribution facility not a creature was stirring EXCEPT for that pesky little mouse! This slightly different version of the classic Christmas poem captures the spirit of the season for the Sprague Pest Experts.

As the holiday season hits full stride our commercial pest management clients are smack dab in the middle of all the activity. Our grocery store and food distribution clients are cranking out food in volumes that will make all of us resolve to go on a diet January 2!

Our hospitality clients are gearing up for office holiday parties and out of town guests – the American Automobile Association predicts that 93 million people will hit the road this holiday season – who are coming in to share holiday cheer with family and friends.

We don’t mean to put a lump of coal in anyone’s stocking, but with the additional deliveries and shipments, lots and lots of boxes and packages, and guests coming and going, a group of undesirable little “elves” will try and take advantage of the season’s festive mood.

We are talking about pests – rodents, bed bugs and cockroaches – that are experienced travelers and more opportunistic than a day-after-Christmas bargain hunter! These disease carrying, blood-sucking pests will hitch a ride in boxes, shipping pallets, luggage, and bulk food items destined for retail stores, hotels, restaurants and food distribution facilities.

With all the hustle and bustle, they figure why not join in the merriment and play the role of the Grinch by infesting and spoiling food or worse yet snacking on hotel guests while they settle in for a long winter’s nap.

The Sprague Pest Experts will be extra vigilant this holiday season protecting our clients and their customers from bah-humbug pests. We will make our list and check it twice (as our experts Service Specialists do on each and every visit!) and inspect the chimney (and all around the rest of the structure!) with care to make sure there aren’t openings where pests dare to enter.

And what would the holidays be without a few stocking stuffers from the Sprague Pest Experts on how to keep pests in check during the holidays and all through the New Year:

  • Inspect incoming shipments for evidence of pest activity such as holes in bags (evidence of rodents chewing), odors (confused flour beetle and Indian meal moth) or rodent droppings in shipping crates.

  • Have the housekeeping staff pay close attention small, dark spots (blood!) on sheets and pillowcases – a dead giveaway that bed bugs are present.

  • Clean up spilled food and excess water, store leftover food and ingredients in sealed containers, and keep the clutter to a minimum. This will reduce cockroach harborage locations, as well as keep rodents from sniffing around.

Our final gift is one that has nothing to do with pests; it has everything to do with the Sprague Pest Experts wishing you, your family and your employees a very happy holiday season. We appreciate your business and look forward to keeping your environment pest free in 2013.

Sprague Pest Solutions has the expertise, tools and techniques to keep pests from calling your food, retail or hospitality facility home for the holidays and all year round. Send us an e-mail at and we’ll be happy to get back with you with more information.


The Sprague Pest Experts