pigeons on a building in denver

Pigeons can cause major problems for Colorado business owners

Are pest birds trying to become the mascot of your business? Many facilities in Denver and Boulder, Colorado have found that pest birds including pigeons are causing a lot of problems. While birds may seem harmless and just a nuisance, they are in fact a major threat to your business for many reasons. Bird control becomes an important necessity in order to uphold your hard earned image and reputation.

There are many threats when it comes to an infestation of pigeons nesting on or around your facility:

  • Health risks that can result in sickness, infection and disease of employees and customers

  • Potential hazards to product quality and sanitation

  • Deterioration of aesthetic characteristic of the building

  • Physical damages to buildings and machinery

At EnviroPest by Sprague Pest Solutions, we offer businesses in the Denver metro and Boulder areas of Colorado, bird trapping as well as advanced bird exclusion techniques for long term bird control. In addition to one time services, you can trust that the Denver pest control pros will be committed to helping you maintain a positive image and reputation through continued bird control services.

And to help in the effort of long term pigeon control, there are ways in which you can help to eliminate the threat of birds from nesting on your facility. Here are some pigeon prevention tips to consider:

  1. Limit the availability of food, water, shelter and nesting sites for pest birds.

  2. Keep doors closed at your facility as much as possible.

  3. Do not allow birds to nest on your facility, as this will attract all future generations.

To learn more about Denver pigeon control, please contact us today at EnviroPest by Sprague Pest Solutions!