Mouse At New Year Celebration

The end of the year is very close and while many are contemplating resolutions for self-improvement, here at Sprague we feel that making a plan for your business to stay pest free in 2013 is a worthy idea. Sure, pests are not something that we commonly associate with New Year’s resolutions but just think of the benefits of having a pest free facility. No damages to structures and equipment, no customers or guests running scared, no health scares for employees and customers. There are a lot of benefits to a pest free business and what’s better is that it is not hard to achieve.

Step 1: Exterior pest exclusion

Protecting the exterior of the business is crucial to keep out pests since this is where most insects and rodents come from after all. Make sure that all cracks, holes, and gaps are properly sealed so that pests cannot get inside. Keep the trash located away from the facility and tightly closed. Also, remove decaying wood, excessive landscaping and water features as these are all elements that can attract unwanted pests to the facility.

Step 2: Interior pest exclusion

Sanitation is the best way to avoid the serious threats associated with pests. Take the trash out regularly, keep all food stored in airtight containers, disinfect food surfaces, and remove general clutter and debris. Perhaps hiring a professional cleaning service this year will help you maintain a clean and pest free facility?

Step 3: Professional pest control services

If you do not already maintain regular pest control services with your local pest control company then now is the time to jump on board. With regular inspections, monitoring and preventative treatments, staying pest free in 2013 will be much easier.

At Sprague Pest Solutions we provide commercial pest control services for businesses in many different industries. So whether you are the local cafe in town or a healthcare facility down the road, you can trust that your business will remain protected from the threats and dangers of pest infestations.

Sprague provides pest control services in Portland, OR; Seattle, WA; and Salt Lake City, UT as well as throughout the Pacific Northwest and Intermountain region. Contact us today to learn more achieving and maintaining a pest free year in 2013!