close up of a bed bug found by sprague's bed bug dog in portland

K-9 Inspection is the most accurate and efficient method of detecting bed bugs

Bed bugs in Portland, Oregon continue to be a prevalent problem in apartment buildings, hotels and other commercial facilities as well as private homes. The good news is that April and the other K-9 bed bug inspectors at Sprague Pest Solutions are hard at work sniffing out bed bugs.  

The job of bed bug detection is going to the dogs and with good reason.  In just a few short minutes, a trained dog can detect the presence of bed bugs with a 92% accuracy level which means quicker, more targeted treatment.  But it’s not just the job of April and her fellow inspectors to detect previously unknown infestations, they are also used to ensure bed bug heat treatments and other bed bug control methods work.  In fact, Sprague offers three types of K9 bed bug inspections in Portland.   

Proactive inspections

A proactive inspection is one that occurs prior to any known bed bug problems. These inspections can be routine and can provide business owners and managers with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that their business is free of bed bugs.  As mentioned above, it can also catch a problem in its early stages.

Targeted inspections

A targeted canine inspection is one that occurs when the business believes they may have a bed bug problem. Our canines will inspect areas you believe are suspect.

Post-treatment inspections

Post-treatment inspections confirm that a bed bug treatment performed at a facility was successful.  By checking the previously infested rooms as well as nearby areas to ensure bed bugs have not migrated, this option ensures that bed bugs are gone.

At Sprague Pest Solutions we are here to provide fast, efficient, and friendly service to your Portland based business.  In addition to inspecting for bed bugs, Sprague offers a comprehensive bed bug solution that may include:

  • Heat treatments

  • Spot treatments

  • Mattress encasements

  • Education training for staff

To ensure bed bugs and other pests do not compromise your hard earned reputation or to find out more about Sprague’s canine bed bug inspections in Portland, simply contact us today!