Bed Bug Next To Bed Bug Egg

Bed bug eggs are tiny and hard to see with the naked eye.

When you run a business, you often have a million and one things running through your mind at any one time. There are so many facets to running a business that it can be difficult to keep everything organized and to keep your stress from getting out of control. Unfortunately for business owners, in the last few years bed bugs have reared their ugly heads and have become a new problem for commercial establishments throughout the country. Not that you needed more things to worry about, but these parasites are difficult to prevent, especially when your business has people moving through at a high turnover rate, like in hotels, restaurants, movie theaters, nursing homes and retail stores. The nature of your business is having people visit your establishment, but these same people can also bring with them bed bugs and sticky bed bug eggs, which can then be transferred into your business. What can be done to prevent this from happening and to treat the problem should bed bugs infest? Here are some tips from the commercial pest control professionals at Sprague Pest Solutions to help your commercial facility avoid the threat of bed bugs and their eggs. 

Bed bugs can be prevented in a commercial facility when you have a bed bug plan in place. This plan can consist of many different preventative methods, including: 

  • A partnership with a dedicated pest control professional that periodically visits your facility and performs visual inspections for bed bugs and their eggs. Because bed bug eggs are very tiny (about the size of a pinhead) they can be hard to see by the untrained eye, but a professional knows where to look for these pests. Performing periodic inspections can help you catch a small bed bug problem before it escalates into a problem large enough to shut your facility down. 

  • Hiring a trained bed bug dog to search for bed bugs in your facility. Bed bug dogs have a very acute sense of smell and when trained properly, can detect the scent of live bed bug eggs and live adult bed bugs in a facility that even the untrained human eye cannot find. Bed bug detecting dogs have the added benefit of doing their job quickly, inspecting a room in just a fraction of the time it takes a qualified human technician to perform the same inspection. 

  • If you own a commercial lodging, have your mattresses encased with bed bug encasements to protect them from harboring any bed bugs that may be present. This will protect the mattress and if there are bed bugs inside the mattress already, keep bed bugs trapped and unable to feed upon anyone sleeping in the bed. 

  • Educate your staff on what to do if a report of bed bugs is made. Make sure there is a plan of action so that each staff member knows what steps to take to make sure the problem is dealt with swiftly and without delay. 

  • Educate your staff on how to perform their own bed bug inspections. Make sure they have seen what bed bugs look like by showing them materials with adult bed bug and bed bug egg pictures.  Having many eyes aware and searching for these pests can be the best form of bed bug prevention, because someone is always on the lookout for these pests. 

Because bed bugs are good at hitchhiking on the backs of unsuspecting humans and because bed bug eggs are very sticky, they can easily be picked up on personal belongings and clothing.  Your sanitation procedures have no bearing on whether or not you will at some point play host to a bed bug infestation. These insects are not picky; they simply want to be where the humans are. Avoiding bed bugs in a commercial facility is a challenge, but it is not insurmountable. Coordinating a bed bug plan of action for your business can help prevent bed bugs from shutting your business down, can help you avoid lawsuits relating to bed bugs and can help to show your dedication to keeping your patrons and customers bed bug free. 

For more information on a bed bug plan of action for your commercial facility in Portland, Oregon or elsewhere in our service area, contact the knowledgeable professionals at Sprague Pest Solutions today. Our Portland bed bug control for commercial facilities can help you quickly identify a bed bug problem and eliminate it fast, to help you protect your reputation, your brand and your bottom line.