mice infesting the christmas decorations in a denver home

Our Denver pest control experts would like to warn you about these certain Colorado pests during the holidays!

When it comes to the holiday season there is always an abundance of food, decorations and holiday cheer. Unfortunately for unsuspecting homeowners in Denver and throughout Colorado, pests could become a problem over the holidays including pests infesting your flour and baking supplies, insects hidden among your ornaments, and rodents looking for a yummy treat. The good news is that the Denver pest control pros at EnviroPest by Sprague Pest Solutions have some tips to help homeowners keep pests from putting a damper on the holiday fun!

Pantry pests in your baking ingredients

Pantry pests can be found in baking ingredients, pastas, cereals, dried fruit and even pet food. During the holidays many people visit the food pantry to make their favorite holiday recipes and it is possible that you will encounter the larvae of moths and beetles digging into your stored products. To avoid pantry pests make sure that you are cautious to avoid purchasing items with damaged packaging. And before tossing flour or sugar into the mixing bowl at home, inspect for any signs of critters and of course toss items that have expired.

Spiders, mice and other insects hiding in holiday decorations.

If your decorations have been stored in a cardboard box or a bag up in the attic or another area that does not see much in the way of foot traffic, you very well may have a few critters waiting for you. When unpacking your holiday decorations, try to take them all outside or at least into a garage space to avoid any spiders, mice or other insects from escaping into the home. Discard any decorations that are damaged such as gnaw marks, broken pieces, or especially damage to Christmas lights as this poses a risk of fire.

Rodents and roaches scavenging for crumbs after a holiday gathering.

Even if you survive the baking without any sign of pantry pests, you still need to be cautious after the food is prepared. Rodents and roaches and other insects for that matter just love to scavenge for crumbs and spills that have been left along the way and this could spread harmful bacteria and pathogens through the home. Always clean up food debris and spills right away to avoid any threats from rodent or roach infestations.

For residents living in Denver or Boulder, Colorado, if you believe that your home has been invaded by holiday pests then be sure to contact us at EnviroPest by Sprague Pest Solutions. With home pest control services designed to not only get rid of your current pest problems but prevent future infestations, you will be able to spend your holidays as they are meant to be - pest free!