cockroaches infest homes in denver colorado

Cockroaches spread many different diseases to humans, and have been known to cause asthma.

Turning the kitchen light on in the morning to find cockroaches scurrying away is not a pretty sight. You are probably wondering "How did they get here?", "How many are there?" and "How do I get rid of them?". The first thing you should do, after taking a deep breath of course, is to contact your Colorado pest control company to schedule an inspection. Cockroaches can cause health risks and they are unsanitary, but there also many ways to prevent these bugs from taking over your kitchen. The Denver pest control experts at EnviroPest by Sprague Pest Solutions have some helpful information on roaches and how to prevent them from getting into your home.

As with many other home pests, cockroaches are on a search for food and water. They tend to favor warm, moist conditions, which makes your kitchen and bathroom great places for them to spend their time. You probably won’t be seeing many during the day, as they are nighttime critters who do most of their activities while we are sleeping.

In order to prevent cockroaches from infesting your home, follow these tips:

  • Keep the food surfaces in your kitchen clean and sanitized. Always wipe down and disinfect counters, tables, and other areas that come in contact with food. These are also favorable spots for cockroaches, but as long as they don’t have a source of food they will stay away.

  • Try to stay on top of dishes as well. Allowing food debris to pile up in the sink will surely attract cockroaches to your living space.

  • Take out the garbage regularly so that food debris is not piling up inside of your home. Trash is like a buffet for pests, so you do not want it sitting inside for long.

  • Store open food in your cupboards and on your counters in a container with a tight fitting lid. Not only will this prevent you from attracting cockroaches, but if they do happen to still be around, your food will not be contaminated. 

  • Do not leave any standing water out overnight.  Be sure to drain the sink and empty water glasses.  Cockroaches can go much longer without food than they can without water.

The biggest reason for making an effort to prevent cockroaches is the health risks associated with an infestation. Cockroaches are unsanitary, as they get into trash and spread around bacteria, germs, and diseases. Also, cockroaches are known to cause allergies and other respiratory issues for young children. Their legs and feet carry the harmful pathogens which contaminate the things they walk on, and their urine and fecal matter cause contamination throughout the area they are living in.

If you have spotted a cockroach in your home and would like to learn more about getting rid of cockroaches in Denver, Boulder and surrounding areas, contact EnviroPest by Sprague Pest Solutions right away. Let the home pest control experts inspect your home and help you curb pest problems, no matter how severe.