bird control for businesses seattle

Pigeons and other pest birds carry disease and can create unsanitary conditions for your commercial facility; protect your business with commercial bird control from Sprague!

If you’ve ever come across a flock of birds you probably did everything you could to avoid getting too close. Birds, especially in urban areas or around businesses, are filthy creatures that can lead to serious implications for business owners. Beyond their chirps and feathers, birds lead to serious health risks for employees and customers. Their droppings, urine, and parasites can leave people feeling ill and destroy a business's reputation and image. For these reasons and more it is important that facilities in the Seattle, and Portland metros prevent birds from taking over their business.

Sprague Pest Solutions understands the importance of maintaining a positive business image. Since birds can arrive at any moment uninvited, here are a few bird prevention tips that businesses can use to help control pigeons and other pest birds that seem to be lingering on or near their facility.

  • Although gardens add beauty to perhaps less attractive facilities, by providing plants for birds to eat you will only draw them closer. It is best to avoid heavy landscaping and gardens if you have previously had bird problems.

  • Same goes for water features and fountains. Birds are going to be attracted to water sources and once they find your business they are likely to stay.

  • Avoid having entryway covers of beam, corrugated roofing, and flush-mounted signage as all of these things also attract birds to land nest.

  • Keep trees and shrubs away from entry points. Birds will use these things to hide out and then sneak right inside when you least expect it.

  • If you do notice an increase in bird activity near your business or have identified birds nests on the interior or exterior of your facility, it is important to call in the pros.

When it comes to pests including birds, sometimes preventative measures alone are not enough. If this is the case for your facility or other business, Sprague Pest Solutions has a bird control program that will help to get rid of the existing birds and help to deter future bird activity in or around your property.  

To learn more about Sprague’s bird control services including bird netting, trapping and installation of landing deterrents, please contact us today. Available in Portland, Seattle and Salt Lake City as well as Denver and throughout our large service area, Sprague’s pest bird programs are the ideal solution if you are worried about the safety and reputation of your business.