yellow jacket/preventing stinging insects

Stinging insects and bee hive prevention

Taking measures to prevent wasps, yellow jackets, and harmful stinging pests at your business is vital in Salt Lake City, Seattle and Portland.

Every yellow jacket nest begins with one inseminated queen, who finds a warm place to live over the winter. In late April or early May, she emerges to build a small nest and lay her eggs. The eggs take three weeks to complete metamorphosis and new workers start emerging at the end of May or beginning of June. The queen continues to lay eggs; by August, the nest can contain thousands of individuals.

Knowing this, what are some actions that we can take to stop the nest from disrupting our patrons and customers?

  • Sanitation.  Wasps that find a food source will continue to return to that area so keep trash cans covered and clean up spillage promptly.

  • Keep a 360 degree view early on. The nests will be very small when they are first formed and could contain only one queen.

  • Eliminate the nest before June. This diminishes the queen’s chance of creating a full nest and will permanently get rid of the nest.

  • Prevent repeat offenders. If the same nest comes back every year, it could just be the perfect spot for stinging pests. If this is the case, plug the hole to prevent future prowling home shoppers.  

If your healthcare facility or business has been plagued by stinging insects, do not hesitate to ask the Sprague Pest Experts for solutions and advice.