sprague pest solutions fumigation truck

Protect your professional reputation with fumigation services for your commercial facility

In commercial facilities, pest infestations are not acceptable.  Not only do insects and rodents contaminate product, threaten health and property, they jeopardize the reputation business owners and managers work extremely hard to cultivate. At Sprague Pest Solutions, we understand the pest management needs of the commercial sector and offer pest control services in Portland, and Seattle as well as throughout our service area including fumigation services.

Fumigation is highly effective in treating a variety of pests because it releases a carefully calculated dosage of gas into an infested area for a certain amount of time and at a certain temperature to kill off any infestation. Because fumigation requires careful planning, our experienced pest management professionals work closely with facility personnel to develop a customized plan.

Some of the sites that Sprague Pest Solutions has successfully fumigated include:

  • Shipping containers

  • Warehouse and processing facilities

  • Flour mills

  • Grain storage and seed facilities

We also fumigate products including grain, processed food and non-food commodities.

If you are concerned about pests in your commercial facility and would like to learn more about fumigation services or alternatives to fumigation, contact the pest management professionals at Sprague Pest Solutions. Serving Portland, Seattle and the Pacific Northwest and Intermountain regions as well as Denver, Sprague will ensure that your company is pest free.