lady bug on a leaf in colorado

Mice, lady bugs, and box elder bugs are all common fall pests in Colorado

Although it may seem that you are still dealing with the pests of the summer, it’s just about time to get ready for the next round of pests. As the days become shorter and the temperatures begin to cool down, fall and winter pests are soon to be an issue for homes in Denver and Boulder, CO. The most common fall pests are mice, ladybugs, and box elder bugs. Aside from being a major nuisance, these pests can threaten the health and safety of your home.

Mice are considered a commensal rodent which means that they rely on humans for survival and actually thrive in our homes because of the availability of food, water and shelter.  Unfortunately, mice spread bacteria, contaminate food and surfaces, and can cause structural damage and even risk of fire from gnawing on electrical wires. Though they are larger than other fall pests, mice can fit through holes as small as the size of a dime which means it’s a lot easier than you may think to have mice move in this fall.

Ladybugs are another fall pest threat. And while they do not pose the same risks as mice, they are still a major nuisance for homeowners and are difficult to get rid of. Ladybugs will leave their summer feeding sites and move into homes to spend the winter during the fall as the weather cools off. They congregate in large groups which means that rarely will you just have one or two, but many ladybugs searching for warm places with light such as windows. They also emit an odor out of defense which can really irritate homeowners as they try to remove ladybugs from their home.

Box elder bugs are another common pest to invade Colorado homeowners in the fall. Just as ladybugs, box elder bugs are searching for a warm place to spend their winter. They tend to hibernate near windows or in wall voids and they also congregate in large numbers. Box elder bugs are not dangerous; however they can bite which may cause an irritation to the infected area.

Aside from following our pest prevention tips, it is advised to continue your routine pest control services to protect your home from the fall round of pests. After all, if you block them out now, you will be able to enjoy a pest free home through the winter!

For any questions or concerns regarding fall pests and pest prevention, please contact us today at EnviroPest by Sprague Pest Solutions. Serving parts of Colorado including Denver and Boulder, EnviroPest by Sprague is sure to have you covered in whatever pests may be trying to bug you and your family this fall.