commercial fly control

Let Sprague Pest Solutions make your Seattle business a "no-flies" zone!

As the weather heats up this spring, you may notice an increase in the number of filth flies and other types of flies in your facility. Unfortunately for business owners and managers in Portland, Seattle and Salt Lake City as well as throughout the Pacific Northwest and Intermountain regions, fly activity can lead to a negative impact amongst many other things. In order to keep your facility protected from filth flies, read on to discover the important facts and prevention tips from the pest control professionals at Sprague Pest Solutions.

Filth Fly Impact:

  • Can damage to your business reputation

  • They will make customers uncomfortable

  • They spread harmful bacteria and diseases

  • Can contaminate food

  • They will spread easily to all areas of your facility

Prevent Filth Flies:

  • Use screens on all windows and doors as flies are most attracted to food smells and sources

  • An air door or a fan pointing out of a window will help to keep flies outside

  • Install insect light traps to catch flies that do make it inside in a chemical free manner

  • Keep trash from accumulating and take it outside, away from the facility often

  • Clean up spills and food debris right away

  • Wash and sanitize floors and surfaces on a regular basis to avoid spread of bacteria and diseases

Although it is hard to protect your facility from every single fly threat, there are certainly ways to prevent an infestation of flies from taking over. If you have noticed that your Portland, Seattle or Denver based facility has seen a major influx of filth flies and you cannot seem to control them with your prevention efforts alone, contact Sprague Pest Solutions. Springtime is when the flying insects are out in the masses and even those who are very careful can end up with a fly problem quickly.

Sprague Pest Solutions offers effective fly control services to facilities throughout the Pacific Northwest and the Intermountain regions. With the trusted services at Sprague, you can be sure that your business image and reputation are not disturbed by filth flies.