Bed Bugs Impact Business Reputations

Don’t let bed bugs have a negative impact on your business’ reputation.

There is nothing like a case of bed bugs to ruin your reputation. These pests don’t discriminate; your high end hotel can have them just as easily as the dive down the block. These pests travel on the backs and belongings of travelers and if they find a good place to hide in your facility, getting ridding of them can prove to be a challenge. Although it seems strange, good sanitation practices don’t actually get rid of bed bugs; even if you have the cleanest hotel or commercial facility around, your facility could still be hiding bed bugs. What can be done to quickly and discreetly get rid of these blood sucking pests? Commercial pest control from Sprague Pest Solutions is the best way to completely eliminate these pests to keep your reputation (and your sanity) intact.

At Sprague, we have the ability to quickly detect bed bugs and bed bug eggs in your facility; in most of our locations, bed bug detecting dogs can be a helpful tool in quickly and very accurately detecting these pests. When you contract our services, if we should find a bed bug infestation, we can offer a heat treatment for bed bugs to kill these pests in as little as one day. Additionally, our comprehensive bed bug control program combines inspections, staff training and an aggressive service strategy to eliminate these pests from your facility, protect your brand and ensure you have very little down time due to our services.

To uphold your reputation and keep your business running, we recommend partnering with the commercial pest control professionals at Sprague Pest Solutions for proactive and periodic bed bug inspections to help detect a problem before your customers start complaining of bed bug bites. By taking bed bug prevention measures, you can demonstrate your dedication to mitigating the risks that are associated with bed bugs, keeping your employees and customers protected as well as your bottom line. In Seattle and Portland, as well as throughout our commercial bed bug service area, the pros at Sprague Pest Solutions can offer an exceptional and comprehensive bed bug prevention and treatment program to keep your facility bed bug free- contact us today for more information!