Leave it to Sven, Sprague’s resident Norway rat and Tweeting machine (@ratpocalypse), to gain even more notoriety for his shout outs. 

Sven was recently named "Favorite Tweeter" at the Seattle Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce’s Annual #B2B Expo that featured products and services offered by 160 Seattle-area businesses. I’m not sure the 206 area code will be able to handle his ever expanding ego!

In keeping with his elusive nature, Sven was not present at the event to receive his accolades - much to the liking of the event hosts and attendees!

Even though we can’t confirm it, Sven and friends were seen that day scouting new locations away from the Highway 99 tunnel project zone for their independent summer film project – “Look Who Is Coming To Dinner: The Sequel” staring you know who.

Make sure to follow Sven and see what mischief he and his vermin posse are stirring up as the count down to the tunnel digging continues at www.spraguepest.com/seattletunnel