a live trap with cheese for catching mice

Sprague uses highly effective baits and traps to help control the rodents in your business

There is nothing worse than hearing a pitter patter through the walls or even spotting a little critter in your business or facility. Common pest invaders are rodents who can easily sneak into businesses and leave major problems for the business owners. Mice and rats are unsanitary, can spread harmful pathogens, and contaminate facilities. The common rodents found in Sprague’s service area which includes Salt Lake City, Portland and Seattle, are the House mouse, Norway rat and the Roof rat.

One of the techniques used by the pest control professionals at Sprague are rodent control devices. The devices that are effective to help get rid of rodents include:

  • Bait stations

  • Multiple catch traps

  • Single catch traps

  • Glue boards

The road to a rodent free facility starts with one our pest control technicians performing a thorough inspection to identify the rodent activity including any droppings or damage they have created. Next they will careful document their findings so they can develop a pest control program targeted to treat your business’s specific rodent problem. Rodent baits may be used to attract the rodents and also the use of traps to help catch the mice and/or rats who have found their way into your facility. Your technician will come back to monitor the activity of rodents to be sure that your problem is under control and that your business will not have to suffer from any of the threats of rodents.

Because rodents can lead to serious health concerns it is very important for businesses to protect their employees and customers with Sprague’s rodent control program. We can put a stop to the problem before there are any negative impacts to your image or reputation. For all businesses and commercial facilities in Salt Lake City, Portland, and Seattle, if you believe to have rodents infesting your space it is important to contact Sprague Pest Control right away.