Don't let rats contaminate your stock, damage your facilities or threaten the good health of your employees and customers

Rats are not only harmful to your brand, they have the ability to contaminate your company’s product with their droppings, feces and hair, as well as cause serious and extensive damage to your facilities.  Rats and other rodents may also expose your employees and customers to serious health conditions that include Salmonellosis, E-coli infections and respiratory diseases such as Hantavirus. 

  • Rat sightings can lead to immediate loss of customers, as well as reduce employee satisfaction and productivity. 

  • Rats and other rodents will damage stock, contaminate food and compromise your company’s reputation. 

  • Costs incurred due to a rat infestation can be considerable and may result in large financial loss. 

While all commercial facilities are susceptible to rodent intrusion, warehousing facilities, food and non-food retail operations and restaurants are especially sensitive to rat activity, as is the agriculture industry as a whole. 

Because we understand that a rat problem can seriously harm your company’s reputation and lead to financial loss, Sprague offers highly effective commercial pest control and more specifically rodent control services.  Our rodent control program is designed to target rats and other commensal rodents including: 

  • The house mouse

  • The Norway rat

  • The roof rat

We realize that an effective rodent control program must include measures that eliminate food, water and harborage that is necessary for rodents to carry on the breeding process.  That’s why we implement strategies that not only resolve existing rodent infestations but also focus on prevention.  Available for businesses in Seattle, Portland and throughout our coverage area, our rodent control starts with a thorough inspection for rat or mouse activity and includes: 

  • Implementation of bait stations 

  • Exterior preventative trapping, including rat and mouse traps 

  • Preventative measures 

When you partner with Sprague, we’ll evaluate your sanitation practices and building maintenance and work with your company to improve areas that are susceptible to intrusion, as well as correct conditions that encourage rodent activity.  For more information on our rat and rodent control, or to request Seattle pest control service for your facilities, please contact us by phone at  (888) 522-2009 or simply fill out our contact form by clicking here

This blog was originally published on January 27, 2011, but we have updated it to reflect the most recent and accurate information available in helping you combat frustrating rodent problems.