Commercial Rodent Control In Seattle

Rodent control is best left to the Seattle pest control pros!

When it comes to owning or running a business, you need to always be thinking about tomorrow. Being prepared can help you run a successful business, whether it is in the food service industry, the food processing industry or even the hospitality industry. Anticipating your business’s needs before they happen can help you to stay organized and prepare you for any problems that may arise. At Sprague Pest Solutions, we are always urging our clients to not only practice good sanitation measures as a pest prevention method, but to also always be aware of the pests that are looking to get into your facility. In the fall, rodents can be especially worrisome for businesses in our service area; to protect your facility from rodents like roof rats, a commercial pest control partnership is the best option.

At Sprague, our pest control in Seattle for businesses is the very best way to be sure your facility is protected from invading pests. Our BrandSmart Pest Advantage program offers many great advantages to keep your facility pest free through every season. The advantages of choosing Sprague include:

  • Pest Prevention- We work with you to proactively eliminate the conditions in your facility that may be attractive to pests. Because we work proactively, we eliminate the pest-friendly environments before they risk health, safety, property and your reputation.

  • Brand Protection- We want your business to stay strong! We know how harmful the presence of rodents and other pests can be; they leave droppings everywhere and contaminate food. They can also destroy property, chewing through walls, insulation, wiring and other important structural pieces. We work hard to keep your facility pest free so that you suffer no consequences from the presence of pests and you continue to maintain an untarnished reputation.

  • Environmental Stewardship- We work to protect the environment and we never use unnecessary chemicals to solve a pest problem. We use methods and techniques to lessen the environmental footprint of our services whenever possible.

The commercial pest services available from Sprague can help protect your facility year round from destructive rodents like the Norway rat. These pests will destroy property to help them build their nests and because their front incisors never stop growing, their need to gnaw on everything means they leave destruction wherever they nest. The threat of fire from these pests can occur when they chew through electrical wiring and rodent feces and urine in your food stores can spread disease to employees and to your food products. To completely remove the threat of rodents, partnering with a commercial pest management specialist like the professionals at Sprague is the best choice.

For pest control in Seattle you can trust, give us a call today. We would be happy to set up your first consultation so that we can discuss creating a customized plan for commercial pest control in Salt Lake City, Portland or throughout the Pacific Northwest and Intermountain regions.