rodent on a trash bag

Rodents are excellent little hiders. If you have ever had one in your home or business, you probably already know this. These creatures are quite small, agile and very quick, normally making no match against the clumsy human that is lumbering after it. The rodents that most commonly live amongst humans are the common house mouse, Norway rats and roof rats. These rodents all have the capability of slipping through holes as small as one quarter inch in diameter, and because most structures aren’t as tight as a drum, these pests always seem to find a way into our homes or businesses.

From a rodent’s point of view, homes and businesses are a great place to spend the winter. The structures that we build for ourselves provide shelter, food and water for these pesky rodents and if they can find a way inside, they will. Do you already have a rodent problem in your home or business? Here are some signs to look for when you look for the presence of rodents:

  • Little droppings, often shaped like grains of rice but are a dark brown or black color.

  • Evidence of gnawing, from food containers to baseboards, and furniture to insulation and even wiring.

  • Small piles of debris near cabinets. These would be feeding stations for rodents, and this would be their own personal ‘trash’ pile

  • You notice a strange musky odor in a highly infested room that has remained closed up. This would be the smell of these rodents and their urine and droppings.

  • You begin hearing weird noises at night that sound like scratching, or gnawing.

If you have noticed any of these signs, you could have a rodent infestation. The next step is to locate the problem. Where are these little creatures hiding? Well, they like areas that are not disturbed often so that they can nest in privacy. You can most likely find rodents in these areas:

  • Inside cabinets and dresser drawers

  • In and among cardboard boxes

  • Inside unused and abandoned machinery and appliances

  • Within upholstered furniture

  • Inside double walls and in the spaces between floors and ceilings

  • In basements, attics and crawl spaces

  • In and around your trash receptacles

  • In dark and crowded closets

If you think you may have rodents in your home or business in Utah, Idaho, Washington or Oregon, or have actually located a rodent nest, or seen one of the little pests running through your property, you may want to consider contacting a professional. The professionals at Sprague Pest Solutions offer rodent pest control services for both homes and businesses that will help you locate and get rid of mice and rats that have invaded your structure. Contact us today at (888) 522-2009 for your first inspection and see what we can do to help protect your home and business from annoying and damaging rodents. If you would like to be contacted directly by one of our representatives, you can fill out the contact form here.